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Graduation Requirements

● English I Course Sequence
● English II Course Sequence
● American Literature Course Sequence
● One credit of English electives

● Algebra I Course Sequence
● Geometry Course Sequence
● Algebra II Course Sequence
● One credit of Math during senior year

Social Studies:
● World History & Geography Course Sequence
● US History Course Sequence
● Government/Econ course sequence

● Biology Course Sequence
● Chemistry Course Sequence
● Physics Course Sequence
● ½ credit Earth Science, ½ credit Environmental Science

● One credit

Visual, Performing, or Applied Arts:
● One credit

World Language:
● Two credits

● ½ credit Freshman Focus (may be waived by the Principal under special circumstances)

Total Number of Required Credits: 31.5


The state of Michigan allows for some flexibility in meeting state graduation requirements through Personal Curriculum requests approved by the school and through other options approved by the state legislature. Students and parents can contact the school counselors for more information on these options.

The Board of Education recommends that every effort be made to keep youth in high school until they have completed requirements for graduation. In order to participate in Commencement and Swingout, you must be eligible to receive a diploma and graduate in June.