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sadd members with law enforcement guests at assembly

Driving Faster Causes Disaster. That’s the slogan for this year’s safe driving campaign for the OHS SADD chapter introduced to students this month.


This fall, the OHS Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) members began working on their annual safe driving campaign and once again, received a $1,000 grant from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, the office that organizes the Strive 4 a Safer Drive (S4SD) initiative. 

For the last several years, our SADD group has applied for and received this grant which helps them executive an informative and engaging campaign. This year, they’ve decided to focus on the dangers of speeding. Just before the February break, students held an assembly sharing several facts on the dangers of speeding, invited an Allegan County Sheriff’s Deputy to share his experiences with traffic crashes caused by speeding and also reported out their findings of observing student drivers. In the weeks before the assembly, SADD members watched cars coming into the student lot to watch for speeding, no seatbelts and phone use. The assembly ended with one of their members performing a rap of the information they hope students will take to heart and drive safely. 

The assembly kicked off their campaign. They are also holding a t-shirt design contest, door decorating contest and will share tips and facts with students for the next couple months. Their campaign ends with visitors from the Michigan State Police and driving simulators and other games to bring home the messages they’ve shared.

student speaks at the SADD assembly
deputy shared photos and facts on speeding during assembly
student shares facts on speeding during assembly
student performs a rap about their initiative at the assembly

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