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OMB "Hungary" in 2022

Students on field during band camp

Hours and hours of work will be on display starting this week as the Otsego Marching Band takes the field to perform this year’s show called "Who's Hungary?" for 2022.  “The music is all Hungarian in nature, and we are doing a play on words (Hungary = Hungry) which includes a drum feature with pots and pans, chef's hats, and the colorguard acting like waitresses at tables,” explains band director Mr. Piersma. The songs are:

  • Hungarian Rhapsodies #1 and #2 by Franz Liszt

  • Hungarian March by Hector Berlioz

  • Gyongyhaju Lany by Omega (a Hungarian Rock Group)

  • Hungarian Dance #5 by Johannes Brahms

Mr. Piersma chooses the theme, then arranges the music himself to fit into a marching band performance. They are arranged into 3 different numbers, named:

#1 - "On My Liszt"

#2 - "I'm Hungary, But I Can't Pronounce It"

#3 - "Hungarian Goulash"

This year’s band is made up of 65 students who have been hard at work on this year’s show since the summer began. They practice on their own to memorize the music, then begin to put it all together at band camp at the end of July. They’ve put in long hours and are excited for audiences to hear the new show. You can catch the shows at halftime of the home football games or check them out in competition at their marching band festivals:

  • September 17th in Rockford

  • October 1st - Cedar Springs & Hastings

  • October 8th - Grandville

  • October 15th - Vicksburg 

Be sure to mark your calendars for September 24th for the Otsego Band Invitational where Otsego will host dozens of marching bands for a competition. You’ll hear some of the best of the best from the area and the day ends with a performance from our own band and the Western Michigan University marching band.