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Game Day Shirts a Hot Product for Marketing Class

Game Day shirts are a long tradition at OHS, designed, printed and sold by the HS marketing class. This idea of one shirt for everyone, started in 2008 and is worn on any game day to show school spirit. The kids sell to all students and families across the district through order forms, not just the high schoolers. They do have a selection of shirts for sale in the school store as well.

While the shirt is meant to create a collective school spirit product, it’s a key lesson for this class. Students design a product, strategize how to launch it, think about pricing and then start selling. “You don’t want to charge too much or people won’t buy it,” the kids have learned. Sometimes, a smaller profit margin works out better because you sell more. For example, the price of a short sleeve t-shirt has been $10 since the beginning. One year, they sold hooded sweatshirts for $25, but didn’t sell a lot. With the price for a sweatshirt at $20, they’re selling more. So far, students have sold hundreds of shirts.

At the same time as the shirt sale, students have been stocking the school store shelves, the O-Zone as it’s called, with snacks that students can buy during lunch a couple days a week. They conducted a survey to see what students liked and talked with the food service coordinator to get ideas of what might be popular. They’re right on track and selling a lot of chips and brownies, just like their research showed. 

To help increase business, the O-Zone created an Instagram page to better reach their target market. You can find them at: ohs_ozone. 


The money raised is split into thirds. One third goes back into products for the school store; another third goes to the students for fun; and the other third goes toward scholarships awarded to a senior at the end of the year who helped in the success of the class/store.