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OHS' New Class Focuses on Yearbook

For the first time in years, Yearbook is a class, a full hour each dedicated to this high school keepsake. “In the past, the yearbook was produced by a very small handful of students who volunteered countless hours. Students had to fit this work in around their sports, work, homework and family schedules,” explains Mrs. Trometter, yearbook adviser. “With yearbook becoming a class, students have a specific time each day dedicated to focusing on the yearbook and making it a priority.”

This year, the class is running just one trimester, but will likely be offered all year in the future. Each student is responsible for a different section or page. “Students will be working on elements of design, photography, journalistic writing, interview skills, theme development, sales and marketing, and meeting deadlines,” Trometter says. 

The timing of this course is working out well since this is typically when the busy work gets underway for the yearbook. However, due to the pandemic, last year’s yearbook progress was halted so this class is both finishing the 20919-20 yearbook and the 2020-21 book. This class is mostly seniors, so they have the opportunity to work on their own senior yearbook. They'll be able to complete a lot, but there will be a need for volunteers for spring activities, “It’s a lot to do, but there are some outstanding kids in this class, and I’m hoping that some will want to continue on, working even after the trimester ends to create a quality yearbook for the second crazy year in a row,” Trometter says.